Alchemy Coffee

Food & Drink

Alchemy Coffee is named after the philosophical and scientific  movement that focused on purifying and maturing objects, like the transmutation of ‘base metals’ like lead, into ‘noble metals’ like gold.  Another aspect of Alchemy, was the search for the Philosopher’s Stone, which wasn’t really a stone, but rather an elixir or a cure to mortality and disease. This notion was seen in Ancient Greece during the Hellenistic period, focusing on transforming the body and soul to perfection by achieving Gnosis, the spiritual knowledge of the divine spark that humans manifest within.

A more modern, 18th century approach to Alchemy was focused on the ability to transform and manipulate nature to the will of humans, and Alchemy holding the key to unlocking the secret of creation. Today, Alchemy becomes the transition from negativity to positivity.
Alchemy Coffee focuses on the latter. As a community oriented and integrated small business, we aim to bring a positive coffee experience to our customers. We buy and source locally, in an effort to support local businesses, and our coffee comes from a Roastery based in Vancouver and is fairtrade certified, and organic. The best part about using reSiprocate Coffee is that a percentage of the proceeds go to charities across Vancouver!
So come in, say “hi!”, and grab a cup of coffee, as we transmute our current location (he old Puchi Cafe) into the first Alchemy Coffee Shop in North Vancouver!
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